The Bible Preaching and Teaching of Author and Evangelist John Jay Ricci

*This list below are the audio files of Bible teachings and sermons of John Jay Ricci. ALSO included are the audio of several of Jay’s radio and podcast interviews he’s had the privilege of doing. All of these files are stored on Google Drive and are made freely available to all.

To listen to each audio file just click on the title (in bold). If you want to download the file just click the link and when the page opens up to Google Drive then look for the download icon (top right of page), click that and then choose “save as”.

[This list below was updated as of 05-24-20]

Enjoy and share these! Thanks and Lord bless you! - Jay

Let Him Be Lord

Bible Questions and Answers Vol. 1

5 Essentials For You To Live a Victorious Christian Life

5 Things Every Christian Needs to Know To Grow and Thrive

5 Traits Real Heroes Have

6 Ways You Can Be an Example to Others (Part 1 & 2)

7 Reasons Why People Get Sick

A Biblical View of the "Matrix of Liberty"

Ambassadors for Christ We Are

Are You Four Eyed?

Elisha: A Double Portion (Sunday School Bible lesson)

Samson: Wasted Potential (Sunday School Bible lesson)

Cracking the Faith Barriers In Your Life

Eggs, Carrots and Coffee (*FYI I preached this message prior to becoming vegan therefore the title of the message isn't an endorsement of egg consumption)

Great Wisdom From Some Small Creatures

How To Test For False Teachers

How You Can Find Favor With God

In The Garden

Is THE Lord Really YOUR Lord?

Is Your God Big Enough?

John: The Beloved (Sunday School Bible lesson)

Moses and His Faithful Friends (Sunday School Bible lesson)

Moses and Pharaoh: Living With Difficult People (Sunday School Bible lesson)

Moses and the Tabernacle: Living a Consecrated Life (Sunday School Bible lesson)

Moses and the Wilderness Wanderings (Sunday School Bible lesson)

Psalm 11:3

Psalm 18: Just What Really is the Lord to You?

Palm Tree Christians

Reasons the Early Christians Were Bold Witnesses

Romans 13 & The Christian

The Kinsman Redeemer

What Jesus Wants For His Birthday and Everyday

Will You Bring Your Alabaster Box To Jesus?

You and God: Is it Personal?

Your Portrait Completed

God Cries Too (poem)

From the Horse's Mouth: My Conversation With a Roman Catholic Priest

A Conversation with Jehovah's Witnesses (Steve and Donna)

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